B12 VitaminB-12, one of the B vitamins, is essential to the conversion of food energy into ATP, which is the form of energy your cells use. By essential, it means that without them, it won’t happen. B vitamins act as co-factors in many of those reactions.The recommended intakes of vitamins and minerals is far below what will really benefit the body. They are usually quoted minimums that will prevent only deficiencies and the accompanying symptoms. B-12 is also essential for nerve health and heart function and most people have a deficiency which compromises energy production.

Many people have a variety digestive issues – some of these issues mean that they cannot extract B-12 from the food that they eat. So, pure B-12 is a good supplementation. B-12 is also water soluble, whatever the body does not use will be excreted through the urine. Research has shown that if you take 500 mcgs of B-12 you will absorb only about 1.8 mcgs., or about .33 of 1%. That is why you should take more than the “Minimum Daily Requirement” as suggested.